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Get Free Web Hosting and Free Domain Registration. Create Free Website with Free Website Builder tools.Also, You will get Free Business Email. Here you will get everything for free. Create your free website in few steps.

Do you need Free Web Hosting? There are many web hosting company in India who provides free web hosting for one year but they are not safe. They may steal your content or use your website for their profit. It is hard to find a good web hosting.I used many web hosting some of were free and some of were paid. I know which is best web hosting.I will also share a way to choose the best web hosting provider. A step by step guide to choosing a best free web hosting provider.


Another problem in free web hosting is cPanel. cPanel is an essential tool is web hosting. It makes our work simplify and fast.So a free web hosting with cpanel is must needed. Nowadays, almost every web hosting website provides cPanel. If you looking for the same that is a free web hosting with cpanel then you are at right place. You will get best free web hosting in India.


Initially, we don’t want to invest money in web hosting and domain registration. It is because we don’t know whether it will work for us or not. Sometimes we don’t have enough money to invest in such things because it is very costly. Another point which forces us to use free web hosting services is to know how a server responds against traffic. We want to know the power of a web hosting. We send traffic and judge its ability to work against high traffic. Few peoples use free web hosting and free domains registration for script testing. Many developers don’t have own server and they need online platforms to check their script. Wheather the script is working or having some bugs.It is the cheap method to find bugs and errors in scripts.


First, let me know you the actual meaning of resources. What are resources in web hosting? According to OVH, a resource is defined as
The resources allocated to each hosting system are based on cloud infrastructure and defined by two different values:

  • vCores: the number of virtual cores (CPU) activated, in units
  • RAM: the quantity of random access memory assigned, in Gigabytes (GB).


Using web hosting in the proper way, let you save more money. It is the only things on a website which creates many problems and consume much of your earning. So it is essential to manage and buy a good web hosting. You have to understand your website limit. You need to understand the consumption of resources on your website. If you know about the consumption then you can easily buy the best plan for any web hosting. Let’s have a look an Free website hosting list.

Cheap and Best Hosting In India

Cheap and Best Hosting In India


It is good to use Free web hosting. Free web hostings help us in many ways. Wheather we want to learn programming language PHP or testing scripts, we need a web hosting and in that situation, free web hosting is best.So, guys free web hosting is best for small works. But if you want to set your business or want to earn money, you need better web hosting than free web hosting. Here I will tell you the best and cheap web hosting in India. Initially, we have less traffic and we want a cheap web hosting. You can never grow your website or blog in free web hosting with Top Level Domain. All the top website and blogs are hosted somewhere. So, if you really wanna do something big then invest a little bit of money. Here we have the cheap and best web hosting company in India.

Hostkarle provides best and cheap web hosting in India. It has SSD storage which gives you high speed. Your website will rocket up. You may be familiar with web hosting speed play a pivotal role in growing a blog or website. With Hostkarle, you will able to complete your dream project at the cheap price. Hostkarle never takes any hidden and extra charges.


There are several CMS like WordPress, Joomla etc are preinstalled. You just have to click them to install it in your file manager.


Hostkarle Weh Hosting | Cheap and Best Hosting in India

Hostkarle cheapest web hosting in India with the best service. Also, they are providing cool features like SSL certificate. You can install free SSL certificate for your domain. SSL helps you in ranking your website in search engines. The SSD Storage gives you super fast speed which helps your website to load fast on web browsers. Hostkarle support team always there to help you. It is better to host your website on Hostkarle. It is cheap and best.Let’s check the plans and pricing of Hostkarle Web hosting.


Plans and Price of Hostkarle | Cheap Shared Hosting

Hostkarle have different plans and price for web hosting. Hostkarle gives you the number of choice and varieties of web hosting. Ranging from shared hosting to dedicated server, Hostkarle provides you with a large number of choices. You can buy any web hosting plan and latter you can easily upgrade it.

We have 4 plans for shared web hosting. The choice is yours. Choose your plan as per your website’s requirements.

Free Web Hosting In India

The shared web hosting plans are cheaper and best. All the plans listed with its cheapest price. You can host your website or blog. Hostkarle shared web hostings are for small blogs and websites. If you have large content and high traffic rate then Hostkarle also provides VPS hosting at the cheap price. So, if you need VPS (Virtual Private Server) then checkouts the plans below.

Cheap VPS Hosting in India

Hostkarle have cheapest VPS hosting in India. You can enjoy high speed virtual private server at just 4.99$/month. It is cheaper and fast. There are 4 plans for VPS Hosting. Choose those which is perfect for your website.

Cheap VPS Hosting In India

The above plans are cheap and best for you. The highest plan is worth 20$/Month. In which they provide you 6vCPU and 6GB RAM. You can use this VPS to run more than 1 sites.


There are many others Plans and hosting are provided by Hostkarle. Go to their website to check Resellers Hosting plans & price and Dedicated Server Plans & Price.

Free Web hosting Create Free Website & Free Domain Registration

On the list below there is some web hosting who provide free service for either months or year. It is more likely they have a yearly plan. But the yearly plan is too bad. I have tested many web hosting site who give free web hosting for one year but in that one year the website gets down several times without any much traffic. So, I’m requesting you to don’t go free for the longest time.It will harm your website.It is enough to test anything in one month period. It is better to take free web hosting for one month.

Few website provide one month free web hosting plan only to let their users about its service. They are good web hosting and just for the demo purpose they give you one month free web hosting. So use the demo one, not free service. Free always pay you much.

Here is the list of free web hosting website. I arrange them in order of their service. The 1st one is best and the last one is better. The choice is yours. It is my experience and I put my views in front of you. Use and help other people.

Web Hosting NameDaysStorage + RAMBandwidth
6GB monthly
WebFreeHosting.netUnlimitedStorage-100MB5000 MB Monthly

1) 000WebHost.Com | Free Web Hosting With cPanel

If you want a free web hosting with cPanel then we have 000Webhost.com. At 000Webhost you can build your free website, you can test your website, you can learn the programme like PHP also. It is free and safe.

  • Price or any fees? – Free


  • Disk Space- 100MB (Very Low)


  • Bandwidth- 10GB (Very Low)


  • Websites allowed- 2 (Average) 


  • Control Panel- Free (Every site Gives you free cPanel)


  • Your own ads allowed?- Yes (Given By All)


  • Sleeps- 1 Hour a Day (Bad for your website) 

The above features are provided by almost every web hosting in India. The only things you need to notice are storage and bandwidth. As it is free, so there is less storage and bandwidth. If you want to do big then invest money in web hosting. 000webhost allows you to host your website lifetime for free .

2) x10Hosting.com | Free Cloud Web Hosting In India

x10Hosting is a cloud based hosting provider in India. Their hosting plans are cheaper and have fast cloud SSD Storage. It gives your website high speed. They are giving free cloud web hosting but they have restrictions. They also provide you cPanel. There is no bound of storage and bandwidth. Both are unlimited.


You can’t add your own domain. You have to use subdomain provided by the site.


  • Price or any fees? – Free


  • Disk Space– Unlimited


  • Bandwidth-Unlimited


  • Websites allowed- 1


  • Control Panel- Free (Every site Gives you free cPanel)


  • Your own ads allowed?– Yes (Given By All)



Overall, there is a drawback to this free web hosting. You can add your own TLD. So. it is useless for those who want to host their website for business purpose. You can only do some scripting or programming.

3) AwardSpace.com | Free Web Hosting (No cPanel)

Here we have another free web hosting provider with no cPanel. There is a file manager with you can edit or upload a file in web hosting. Another drawback is there is no pre installed CMS. Only, you can install WordPress and Joomla with a single click. Neither you can create an eCommerce website. Also, the space is too low. Only 1GB is there on the free web hosting.


  • Price or any fees? – Free


  • Disk Space– 1GB


  • Bandwidth-5GB


  • Websites allowed- 1 With Top Level Domain + 2 with a subdomain.


  • Control Panel-No


  • Your own ads allowed?– Yes (Given By All)



You can check more feature on Awarspace web hosting site. It is better than x10Hosting in terms of domain.You can host your own domain with this. Only a single database can be created under this plan. You have managed with the same. Also, there are no ads on your website. Ads free web hosting.

4) Freehostia.com | Free Cloud Hosting in India

FreeHostia is another Free Cloud web hosting in India. It gives you more offer and less storage. The storage is a major drawback of free web hosting. They have their own database centre that means it is safe. They really give you outstanding features but you can’t use them in the free plan. Means you can able to use their feature for knowledge purpose. If you want to host your website and want to grow your business then sorry to say that this will not safe for your website.It is because the bandwidth and storage are quite low for traffic purpose.


  • Price or any fees? – Free


  • Disk Space– 250MB


  • Bandwidth-6GB


  • Websites allowed- 5 Domains


  • Control Panel-Yes


  • Your own ads allowed?– Yes (Given By All)

If you want to host a website for traffic purpose then don’t ever think of free web hosting. Their service is just to gather more people. They only attract them with their free web hosting. In Actual practice, the free web hosting is useless for traffic purpose. When you will get traffic, your website gets down.

5) FreeWebHostingArea.com | Free Web Hosting in India

Free Web Hosting Area is another free platform for free website hosting.It is just for small work. If you want to load heavy scripts then this is not for you. You can just use it for lite weight work. FreeWebHostingArea is safe and free. They are giving only 1.5GB Storage with unlimited traffic bandwidth. Also, they are giving all type of required features.

  • Price or any fees? – Free


  • Disk Space– 1500MB


  • Bandwidth-Unlimited


  • Websites allowed- Unlimited (Free Domain Hosting + Free Subdomain Hosting)


  • Control Panel- No


  • Your own ads allowed?– Yes (Given By All)

These are some basic features given by FreeWebHostingArea.  There are more features are loaded. You can check their features on its website. If you want to make long term website then this will create the problem. It has low resources and more people to use. Rather it has unlimited bandwidth, your websites will slow down at high traffic.

6). 5GBFree.com | Free Web Hosting and Free Domain Registration

Wanna create a free website with free domain registration. This 5gbfree web hosting website gives your free web hosting with free subdomain registration. Also, they have ads free web hosting. They offer free web hosting for the lifetime. Rather they have excluded some features from free web hosting. You will get free web hosting with cpanel. So you can easily create free website.

  • Price or any fees? – Free


  • Disk Space– 5GB


  • Bandwidth20 GB 


  • Websites allowed- No Domain Addon. Only Subdomains


  • Control Panel- Yes


  • Your own ads allowed?– Yes (Given By All)


7). webfreehosting.net | Free Web Hosting in India

It has also same features like other. Means, 1GB Space, 5GB Bandwidth and no cpanel. It can’t be used for blog or business sites. It is just for script testing and programming. You can do your PHP programme.


  • Price or any fees? – Free


  • Disk Space– 1GB


  • Bandwidth-5GB 


  • Websites allowed- Free Domain Hosting (3 Free Sub-Domains)


  • Control Panel- No


  • Your own ads allowed?– Yes (Given By All)

It is useless if you think to make a blog with that web hosting. It is free for lifetime. No need to pay for it. You can upgrade your plan. By the way, it is free.So, I hope you enjoy the free web hosting listing. This is the end of best free web hosting.


Note there are many web hosting in India who gives free web hosting and free cloud hosting. But if you want to make a WordPress, Joomla Blog or business site then don’t use any free service. Go and buy cheap and best web hosting.

Should You Take Free Web Hosting For Blogs & Business?

The above site offers you free web hosting for a lifetime. Is they are good and safe? Because they are giving free web hosting so we always think twice about the safety.  Although they provide you free web hosting and they are safe to use. I mean in terms of security not progress. If you want to grow your business or website, you have to do a little investment. It is because To acquire a thing, something has to be lost. While looking at free web hosting plans, you will not be going to host your website there. The storage and bandwidth are too low. They offer 500MB to 5GB storage which is too low for a blog. A simple website acquires atleast 100MB of storage.So, it is a bad idea to host your business website on free web hosting site. You need a cheap and best web hosting provider.

 How To Choose Cheap and Best Web Hosting & Plans?

It is really very difficult to choose a perfect web hosting for blog or business websites. Not only it creates the problem for the newbie but also it creates the problem for old one. It is required to save money in web hosting. So choose a better plan that holds up your website.

How To Choose Best Plan for a Web Hosting?

How To Choose Best Plan for a Web Hosting? Many people buy web hosting without knowing their website limit. Me too bought a hosting plan worth Rs 50$ per month but my website consumes 1/4th of the total resources. It is the wastage of money and you have to choose a proper hosting plan. Sometimes it happens that your website gets down. It is due to the lack of resources. So don’t buy any hosting which has fewer resources.It leads to server down and creates the problem for your visitors. Also, it slows down your website speed.So Follow our guide before buying any website hosting.

1) Check Your Web hosting Plans Resources

Check its RAM, Storage, Bandwidth. Now, initially, when you launch your website, It has low chances of getting high organic traffic. So, at that stage, it is better to buy cheapest or starter hosting plan. If you have traffic then first judge your traffic potential and then make the purchase for short period. At the start, you should always buy web hosting for 1 month. In that one month, you will get the idea of traffic and hosting potential.


2) Company Must Be Genuine

It is required to check that. the web hosting company you chose is genuine. There is some web hosting company which maake you fool in the name of hosting. Hostkarle is one of the Genuine company and you can buy from it.


3) Support

Please check the support team. The support must be good. Because problem can generate anytime anywhere. It is better to choose a web hosting with good and helping support team At Hostkarle, you will get full support at any time.

4) Review and Ratings

Must check the reviews and rating of that web hosting. Reviews are the best way to know about the Hosting. You can check reviews and ratings on the Official Facebook page.

There many other criteria by which you can buy a perfect web hosting. I have listed some points that will help you to buy the best web hosting for your website or blog.



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