How to Fix Sitemap Couldn’t fetch HTTP Error 403

(Last Updated On: October 7, 2019)

Every blogger know that sitemap is very important for SEO and ranking but sometimes we unable to index our sitemap,

we face many errors when we submit the sitemap to  google search console

and we can’t get any solution in google search because there are many reasons behind this

So let’s fix Sitemap Couldn’t fetch HTTP Error 403 General HTTP error


Step 1. Login your wp-admin if you are using WordPress and disable cache plugin because sometimes google unable to read your sitemap file because of cache so it’s very important you disable cache plugin if you are not using any cache plugin or WordPress then ignore this step

Recommended cache plugin: W3 Total Cache 

Step 2. Generate your blog or website XML sitemap file from here

Note: if you are using any external plugin for sitemap don’t forget to check your sitemap URL accessible from the browser, always use sitemap URL like this: 

Step3. Login to your cPanel and upload sitemap.xml file to public_html folder

Step4. After uploading your sitemap.xml file to public_html location login to your google search console and enter your sitemap URL  to URL inspection option in google search console and hit enter button


it means google bots able to access our sitemap URL so now our sitemap URL is ready to submit > go to sitemaps option in google search console and add a new sitemap and submit your sitemap 🙂

I hope you understand every step or still if you have any issue related to sitemaps you can open a support ticket 



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