Top 10 Reasons Why WordPress is Better than Blogger

(Last Updated On: April 28, 2019)

10 Reasons why WordPress  is better than blogger for SEO

Yes, in this article we gonna tell you why WordPress is better than blogger for SEO. In starting every newbie blogger including me start with blogger not due to its services but because it’s free. But after starting my blogging carrier I realize that customizing my blog on blogger is not easy enough and it really takes time. And if we talking about SEO nowadays in blogger SEO is not just easy. Because WordPress offers you many more than blogger to optimize your site and get traffic from Google.

Now we give you 10 reasons Why WordPress is a better blogger for SEO

  • Easy in use

In a comparison of blogger, WordPress is easy in use. Because if you want to edit themes in blogger you must have knowledge of Html

But in WordPress, you don’t want any knowledge of codes, etc for edit your website.


  • Features and support

Yes in WordPress it is very easy to make changes in your website like add your favorite features only by installing some plugins in your website. And the most attractive thing in WordPress is there support yes in comparison of a blogger if you want to do something in blogger which you don’t know you must have to search it on google but in WordPress, If you want any query related WordPress just contact to WordPress support community.

3-SEO friendly

The most important thing that WordPress is SEO friendly by default and they provide many plugins. Which can make your blog more SEO friendly in comparison. Blogger is not SEO friendly and if you want to make your blogger blog SEO friendly you have to work so much on it. And after this much work you have done on your Blogspot blog, it will not fully SEO friendly. That’s how WordPress is better for SEO. WordPress provides many plugins like Yoast SEO and SEOPressor and many other paid plugins which helps you in optimizing your blog for Search Engines.


4-Reselling your blog


In the blogging industry, no one wants to sell his/her blog but due to some conditions if they want to sell their blog.

If a there blog is on WordPress it’s not hard to find a customer for their blog but in comparison, if they want to sell their Blogspot hosted blog they have to struggle for sale their blog because nowadays no one wants to buy Blogspot blog because it has only some specific and limited features.


5- Monetization

It’s easy to get approval for Google Adsense from Blogspot blog earlier but nowadays It’s not easy to get approval for Google Adsense via Blogspot blog.

WordPress gives you many features which help you get approval for Google Adsense.

And for every blogger Adsense is like Water to A thirsty Man.

6- Loading Time

Blogger uses one long HTML page to do everything and due to this blog which hosted in Blogspot takes much time to load.

WordPress hosted site not take much time and load smoothly and it gives you many more plugins which can also increase your website load time.


7- Reputation

WordPress website has much reputation than Blogspot because nowadays many bloggers who doing blackhat tricks and spamming and make landing pages basically use Blogspot and that’s why the audience doesn’t trust on Blogspot hosted blogs.


8- Full Control

As the heading, if you using your own hosted blog its much in your control. In a comparison of blogger because due to some spammers Google is outranked your blog and remove your Blogspot blog from search engine without giving you any warning.

So that why we suggest WordPress for doing blogging.


9- Up to Date

As a comparison in Blogspot and WordPress. WordPress is more good for bloggers because it always gives a new update and bu these updates you more optimize your site and it will increase your rankings in search engine.

Blogspot is also giving an update but it’s not up to date this much.


10- Search Engine Optimization

The final reason is SEO if you want to rank your blog with not hard work but with smart work. WordPress is the first Ingredient and we suggest this because It has many options like we discussed above that it gives you many features to optimize your website for the search engine at the other hand Blogspot gives you only some features.


So if you like our article don’t forget to share and if you have any more reason to choose WordPress which we do not write in an article please comment below.




  1. Rakesh verma Reply

    Thanks for sharing this valuable article because i also want to migrate my blogspot site to WordPress. Now I am fully cleared my blog migration.

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