How to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency | Step-by-Step Guide

(Last Updated On: September 14, 2021)

How to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency Step By Step 

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is basically digital currency and it has limited supply. Bitcoin is the first digital currency

Who Are the Founders of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin’s original inventor is Satoshi Nakamoto. As of 2020

How to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency?

We can create own cryptocurrency but first, we have to learn coding but don’t worry we can easily create any type of coin with any blockchain without coding

No coding is required.

Create your own tokens with one click!

So let’s begun…


Requirements :

  1. Coin98 Wallet Chrome Extension
  2. Laptop or pc with Good internet connection
  3. Basic Crypto Knowledge

Step1. Download Coin98 Wallet Chrome Extension and go to token issuer website and connect your wallet


Step 2. After wallet connect you can go to token issuer option and select chain

Enter Following details

  1. Token Name ( Enter your token name which you want to create )
  2. Token Symbol  ( Enter your token symbol like if your token name bitcoin your token symbol will be btc )
  3. Total Supply ( Enter your token total supply anything which you want )
  4. Decimal points ( Enter 0-18 ) default : 18
  5. Owner Address ( you have to enter wallet address but first you have to create wallet and create wallet  check screenshot below and click on multichain wallet and click on create 


Enter your wallet name and copy your PASSPHRASE (*)

Now enter your copied PASSPHRASE (*) and click on create

Your wallet created successfully


Step3. Now go to wallet setting and copy your wallet address we are creating binance smart chain coin so we need to copy binance smart chain wallet address

Step4. Copy address and paste in owner address check screenshot below

Step5. Upload your token logo and click on issue button


Note: you need to deposit bnb coin to your wallet for gas fee to create your own token otherwise you will get error

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