Hacks To Get Most From Different Social Channels.

(Last Updated On: July 31, 2018)

There are many social Channels which can be helpful for your business But the hard part is which channel should be used for your business.

These are some hacks that will help you in getting the most from social channels.

1. Knowledge of your content.
The 1st step is that you should know what your content talks about. In general different social channels talks about different ideas, so you should be aware which is the right social platform for your business.

For example- a. Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and Imgur are about images.
b. Facebook and Twitter are about socializing.
c. YouTube and Vimeo about videos.
d. Reddit can also be very helpful.

Now that you know which social channel actually talks about what it is best to select the content you want to share according to the genre of the social channel.

2. Statistics plays a major role.
Just choosing a social channel because everyone is doing so isn’t right. You should know about basics like how much active users does the social channel have,and the most important thing is are the users from that social channel is related to your business.

3. Awareness about your customers.
As every business does you should also personas of your customers to know their age, gender, income etc. These insights help a lot in a business. And you should keep in mind about these insights while selecting any social channel.

For example- A social channel that consists of 90 to 95 percent of boys cannot be used to promote a business that is purely related to girls.

4. Research Audience Preferences.
Choosing a social channel is not the only difficulty but researching audience preference can be difficult to. But don’t worry social channels help you in that too. You can know about your audience preferences without interacting with them directly through polls, questions etc.

Facebook and YouTube both provide the poll function.

5. Don’t ignore Google+
You might think about how Google+ can help your business. But you will be surprised to know that Google+ followers even more than LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram because anyone with a Gmail account has a Google+ account, Followers on Google+ are as active as Facebook and Twitter and can be very helpful to business.

6. Interact with your Followers.
After sharing something on any social channels don’t just forget about it but also try to interact with the users by replying to their comments and solving their queries.

7. Keep it Simple.
Users just hate ads. Use Social channels especially for promotion but keep it simple because if a user sees an ad continuously he will get irritated.

Hope these steps will help you in boosting your business and getting many customers.

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