How to optimize wordpress, How to optimize wordpress website and secure step by step

How to optimize wordpress website and secure step by step

(Last Updated On: July 5, 2017)

Optimize your WordPress blog with simple steps and speed up. You don’t need any expert you can do it yourself step by step.

Learn how to secure and optimize WordPress blog with few steps just follow below step and secure your WordPress website from hackers and malware and virus.


How to optimize WordPress?

1.Choose the Right Hosting Plan

Yes, it is a very important thing you must have best hosting service if you want to optimize your WordPress website because if you are using poor or free hosting service you will be never able to optimize your WordPress website so always choose the best hosting plan.

2. Use Fast and Mobile Friendly WordPress theme

You should have to use fast and mobile friendly WordPress theme if you are using slow WordPress theme you must have to change it first so always use fast and simple WordPress theme like Hueman , Frontier

3. Use cache plugin

if you want to speed up your WordPress blog you should have to install wp-cache plugin you can install wp total cache for best performance.

4. Use CDN Content Delivery Network ( CloudFlare )

The content delivery network is very important because if you want more security and performance you should have to connect your website with CDN. Also, you can use CloudFlare for free.


How to secure WordPress?

1.Use Secure Web Hosting 

if you are using free web hosting there is a security issue because free hosting is not secured at all also keep in mind always use  premium secured web hosting

2.Do not use nulled theme and plugins

if you want to secure your WordPress blog or website please keep in mind do not use nulled plugin, themes always use a premium theme and plugin. many websites hacked because they are using nulled theme and plugin so please do not use nulled themes.

3.Always keep theme and plugin up to date

Many bloggers don’t update WordPress theme and plugin on time so there is possibility hacker can hack your website or upload anything so keep in mind always update themes and plugin.

4.Use Wordfence Security Plugin

if you want to secure your website please install wordfence WordPress plugin to prevent brute force attack and DDoS attack.


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