How to start your own hosting business with Hostkarle

(Last Updated On: December 6, 2018)

So Many of folks have a question that how to start own hosting business and earn lots of money with hosting business

you will learn everything here you should know everything before starting your own hosting business

if you want to earn huge money by reselling hosting to clients than you have to start your own hosting business


What is Web hosting and Web Hosting Business?

, How to start your own hosting business with Hostkarle

web hosting is a service to host any domain and provide space and bandwidth and security to domain or websites we should know all things before start web hosting business


Which things we should know before starting web hosting business?

we should have to know that which type of web hosting we have to sell or from where we should have to purchase reseller hosting and all other required software


Which Softwares required to start own hosting business?

we should require many software and web hosting and one domain name which we have to register before starting own web hosting business

here is the list of software and tools which we required to start own web hosting business

  1. WHMCS License ( for selling web hosting product) ( Required)
  2. WHMCS Theme ( for our website theme and template) ( Required)
  3. Reseller Hosting ( for Resell web hosting to our client) ( Required)
  4. Paypal Business Account ( For payment gateway) (Required)
  5. CCavenue ( For Payment gateway) (Required)
  6. VPS Reseller Hosting ( For Resell VPS Hosting) (Required)

Note:- you should have to purchase above all software and theme for your web hosting business

From Where I have to purchase the domain and hosting for my hosting business?

if you really want to start your hosting business you can purchase web hosting from Hostkarle and domain too

, How to start your own hosting business with Hostkarle


How much money should I have to invest in my web hosting business?

its depend on your budget if you have low budget then you can go for the low budget plan and if you have enough budget then you can go for the unlimited reseller hosting plan or you can purchase own dedicated server


What is reseller hosting I want to know more?

there are many types of reseller hosting available in the market one is reseller hosting second is VPS reseller hosting there are many kinds of control panel os and windows reseller hosting also available in the market but I recommended you go for CPanel Reseller Hosting and do not purchase cheap reseller hosting plans from any other where

I don’t know how to config WHMCS and Cpanel

reseller hosting what should I have to do?

if you don’t have knowledge about WHMCS and CPanel reseller hosting you have to learn everything before start your own hosting business or you can hire developer or support team to config your software as required but you have to invest lots of money so think before starting your own hosting business



if you are ready and want to learn everything and earn money from web hosting business you can start your business today but remember you have to invest your money before you start your business if you have lots of money you can earn huge money from hosting business and you should have to hire technical team for your business and you have to set up your own hosting business yourself also you have to do many things before starting your own business you have to hire SEO expert, web developers, blogger and tech support team for your business  hope you understand everything still if you have any question you can ask me in the comment



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