How To Create High Quality Backlinks For SEO 2019

(Last Updated On: December 8, 2018)

When it comes to build our website’s authority and traffic, a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy that comes in every blogger’s mind and that is building “Backlinks“. Now in simple words, a type of link (or URL) which is given by any other website to us, is known as Backlink.

For SEO, Link building is the most effective and essential way as same as other SEO strategies. And in the field of SEO, Quality of Backlinks can make your website into more authorized and high rankable.

Having backlinks in a website not only boost the rankings but also gives some qualtiy of referral traffic. Google identifies the website more trustable, if it have more quality of links to it. Having a high domain authority makes the ranking much easier than a low authority website and high quality backlinks are the reasons behind it.

But, the fact is that how we can get the quality of backlink but before that we must know what is actually a quality backlink is. Because a website with a huge of number of backlinks, not only always boost your rankings but can also become a reason for the penalty. So, while creating backlinks one should always know the difference between quality and quantity.

Therefore, let’s know how we can create high quality backlinks and what makes a link into more valuable.

What Is A High Quality Backlink & What Makes Any Link Into Quality?

We already learned that a quality backlink can make your website, rank higher. But, the question what a high quality backlink is? So, any Link which have high domain authority, trustability, popularity, high page rank, quality of connections (.edu, .gov) makes into High Quality Backlink.

Suppose, if your website have authority and popluarity then your website’s link can be said as a quality backlink. Yup! thats it.. And if you link to any other authorized website then both of your ranking would be boost in the search engine. Because, high quality external links are also a good SEO practice in link building.

How To Create High Quality Backlinks For SEO?

Now we understood that what converts a normal link into a quality backlink. But here comes the main question that how we can create such high quality backlinks. So, now you no need to visit anywhere as we have shared top four ways from which you can easily create high valuable backlinks.

1) Internal Linking

Now many of you are wondering that how internal linking method can be a part of high quality backlinks. But, its true! Internal linking are the best and easiest way to create a thousand of links within your website. Linking articles within the blog can be result of high rankings.

The best of part of this link building method is that, you don’t need to beg someone for providing a backlink. You can create the links yourself and it actually gives the value to your blog/website and increase your website’s ranking and authority.

2) Be A Part Of Interviews

Now the second most productive way to create high quality backlinks is becoming the part of interviews. If your brand have some little popularity then you can easily get online interviews. This will make your blog more valuable & will creates the opportunity to get high quality backlink from the interviewer.

Now the question comes that how we can get interviewed? and the answer is Google! just enter – (“interview” + “Your niche”) [without brackets] and search it. Find some websites that accepts interviews & approach them for the interview. Thats it!

3) Guest Posting

This link building method is on the 3rd position but actually is the best and easiest way to build high quality backlinks. Though, Guest posting is the oldest way but still works in SEO and have the ability to increase authority, traffic and rankings. Some website accepts blog articles for free while other have charges for it.

Guest posting also helps in other ways such as it enhance the confidence of writer to publish articles on other popular websites/blogs. It helps in developing your writing skills too. Now to get guest posts, again you can use Google for searching guest posts according to your niche.

4) Stealing Links

Now “Stealing links” is the another and the ultimate way to create high quality backlinks. And to do it, you can use some premium tools like Ahrefs (my favourite ❤️), Semrush, Moz & other backlink extractor tools. These tools helps us to extract our competitor’s links and from it, we can compete them by building more high valuable backlinks.

Stealing links from other blogs can increase your website’s ranking, organic traffic and whole SEO profile. To implement this, you will need to enter your competitor’s link in that premium tool and this will not only gives the data of backlinks but can also help to find keywords and other SEO factors for building website/blogs’s authority.


So I hope you got some knowledge about how high quality backlinks are made. We shared four important factors of building backlinks and other SEO tactics are on the way. Hence, keep visiting Hostkarle Blog for more SEO techniques and strategies. Finally, Share this article with your friends who are in the field of blogging and digital marketing. Thats it for today, BYE!! 😊


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