How to install cpanel on centos dedicated vps server

(Last Updated On: June 30, 2018)

Install Cpanel on Centos dedicated server learn Cpanel/WHM software installation on the virtual private server step by step

Before you install cPanel & WHM on Centos dedicated server or virtual private server make certain that your system meets all of our minimum requirements for new installations.



If you do not already own a license for cPanel & WHM, obtain one for your IP address before you attempt the installation. To obtain a cPanel & WHM license visit cPanel Store

  • The cPanel Store offers 15-day test licenses at no cost.
  • If no one has ever licensed your IP address before, you will automatically receive a trial license for your IP address.
  • You do not need a license to install cPanel DNSONLY.

Networking requirements

Minimum requirement
Hostname A registered fully-qualified hostname that does not match any of your server’s domains.
IP addresses
  • A valid IP address.
  • A valid subnet address
  • A default gateway IP address


Hardware requirements

Operating system OS version Processor RAM Disk Space Architecture
Minimum Recommended Minimum Recommended
CentOS, CloudLinux, or RHEL 6 226 MHz 768 MB 1 GB 20 GB 40 GB 64-bit
7 1 GB 2 GB


Follow below step to install Cpanel on Centos dedicated server or virtual private server


Step:1 log into your server via ssh with username and password. You can try putty to connect server via ssh

Run following commands:

Update OS

you need to update os run cmd yum update


Perl installation

Perl must exist on your server before the installation script for cPanel & WHM can run successfully. If Perl does not exist during installation, the cPanel & WHM installer attempts to install Perl via the yum -y install perl command.


Run Cpanel installation script:

cd/home&& curl -o latest -L sh latest


may be installation take long time it depends on your server speed. if you want to buy dedicated server visit our website click here



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