Linux Or Windows? Which Web Hosting You Should Choose & Why?

(Last Updated On: December 11, 2019)

If you have ever landed by chance on any web hosting provider, you might have seen an option between using either Linux or windows for your web hosting?

But don’t you thought that what’s actually the difference between using these two kinds of web hosting and on what criteria people choose them.

Well, in this tutorial we are gonna wipe out all your doubts related to Linux and windows web host. So, stay with us and know why and whom you should go with.

What Are Linux & Windows?

In a basic explanation, these are the operating systems used for operating various applications and tools. For better understanding, think about your computer and laptop, which operating system it have. The same thing that your laptop’s brand offers, web host providers too.

Well, if we come up with our main point, then Linux is an open-source operating system. Basically used to run PHP and MySQL. On the other hand, windows is also a popular os that many of us have familiar with.

Which OS You Should Prefer

To answer this, ask yourself – ‘What my website actually needs to run?’ For instance, if you wanna run a normal simple blog on content management systems like WordPress, Joomla. etc then Linux os is preferred.

The reason for using Linux web hosting for these purposes is that it’s way cheaper than windows web host.

While using windows os, it requires a license and host providers offer it a bit more expensive than Linux, and the reason for using windows web host is for running Microsoft tools such as MySQL, etc.

So, now it’s up to you for what purpose you’re choosing the web hosting and once you clearly know about it, you’re all set to go.

Which Web Hosting Offers Linux & Windows

Web hosting providers in the market are high in numbers, and selecting the best one is not always so easy. And after choosing the os, it’s again a quite tough decision for us to choose a web hosting provider.

Well, companies like us (HostKarle) offer Linux web hosting and in terms of pricing, you can easily go with us.

As our basic Linux web hosting starts with less than $1.99/month and anyone can afford it for sure. While if you’ve decided to purchase windows web host then you can visit other reputed web hostings too.


Linux and Windows both are always the best options to choose and every os is best in its own way.

What are your needs? just think about it and then you will know which os hosting you should go with and the reason you already know.

So, at last, we hope you’ve got something valuable throughout this tutorial and if anyhow you’re getting stuck at any point then let us know via our comment section. We would love to hear from you.

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