How to fix WordPress redirecting to wp-admin/install.php

(Last Updated On: August 9, 2019)

Sometimes WordPress asking again to install or redirect to the wp-admin/install.php page but if you don’t have basic knowledge about WordPress then it’s a very complicated issue for you

so we are going to provide a solution so it will never happen again with you so here we discuss some question first so you can understand better

1. Why is WordPress asking me to install again?


if you have already WordPress installed on your website and one day it asks again to install and redirect you to the page of WordPress installation it means your wp-config.php file missing 😉 that’s why WordPress asking you to install WordPress again

2. How to fix WordPress redirecting to install again?


so if your website or WordPress redirecting to WordPress installation page you have to follow some below process if you want to fix

1. First, download WordPress from the official website and extract the wp-config-sample.php file and upload it to your WordPress install directory


Rename wp-config-sample.php file to wp-config.php

2. Now edit wp-config.php file and fill database, username and password details

if you don’t know about what is the database, username or password you can log in to cPanel and go to MySQL® Databases option there

3.Edit the wp-config file and go to 49 lines for more info check below image

4. you have to put unique phrase from line 49 to 56 which you can generate it from here that WordPress provides on their website. Once you have made the changes and replaced the secret key information

5. final step is to fix your WordPress redirect to install page is you have to check your database table_prefix and replace it with your original database table prefix

( you can check your current database table_prefix login to your PHPMyAdmin and click on a database table and check yourself ) copy your database table_perfix and past in your wp-config.php file



  1. Aadarsh Roy Reply

    Hey hostkarle Admin ,

    Awesome post with fabulous work. Your researches and hard-works are always appreciable.

    You have provided great tips to fix wordpress redirecting to install again issue. Your each mentioned steps ( including images ) are so clear, well-elaborated and easy to understand. Following the steps will be a great helping hand especially for wordpress-users.

    After going through this complete guide i really got helpful ideas and have also boosted my knowledge upto some limit.

    Eventually thanks for sharing your knowledge, ideas and such a helpful post.


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