(Last Updated On: July 7, 2018)

Google Adsense, Most popular online ad Network, helping millions of people to make money through monetization of Websites / Blog. Being Top Monetization Program, It follows strict rules and requirements to approve a Site. Here you will find the some of the best ways to get your Google Adsense Approval in much less time.

1) Content:

  • ” Content is King “, as we believe – Quality content which is worthy and gives Importance to Readers.
  • It is the important factor in the list of Adsense approval terms. Having unique and great information has more chances of Quick Approval.

Type of Content:

Google is not in favor of content which is copied and will block illegal terms i.e., drugs, pornographic related sites or blogs.
Sufficient Content: minimum of the 300-word count in each Article
No. of Articles: Minimum of 20 Articles with at least 2 posts in each Category.

Note: Add Proper Alt tags for all the images Use in the Articles

2) Domain :

A blog should be at least 45 days old. So, that it has a possibility to get Adsense approval.
You may have confused, if a blog with a subdomain like ‘ domainname.blogspot.in ‘ approved?
my answer is. Yes, Your blog can be eligible to get Adsense without a Custom Domain.

3) Details of Blog:

Pages like About-Us, Privacy Policy are very important to specify your niche and details of the administrator or Owner of the Blog/site.
About Us:  Specify the Niche / Topic of content you are publishing in the blog. It helps to get ads related to your niche.
Contact Us: It is must know to the feedback from the readers and let them reach you through the Contact page, It proves that your blog/site actually cares about visitors as per Google Adsense team
Privacy Policy: It is all about the trust and seriousness towards your work and Terms & conditions for Readers on using of the Information provided on your site

4) Navigation:

Google reviews the whole site and checks each page, link present in your Site.(Check yourself by clicking on the tabs on your Site before you apply i.e., Every Tab should have a proper page linked to it)
Note: Remove all the sitewide links and Footer Links ( which are linked to other’s sites) if Present. It is one of the mandatory factors because it is the main source of backlinks to other Blog, Which is not in favor of Google Adsense

5) Applicant Details :

Age Verification: The applicant must be 18+ to get into Google Adsense which is mainly a money making Program.

Some Important Rules :

  • Before Submitting your application for Adsense Make sure to remove all the other ad placement like Clicksor, chitika.. etc
  • Paid Traffic: Google hates the sites that are paying to get the traffic. If you wish to earn through AdSense, its time to drop off.
  • If, you have failed previously, do follow the above steps and apply with a different name & email address. Because once the submission is rejected – it is very tough to get the approval with a same Email address.

My Experience:

  • When I applied for Adsense, it got rejected for insufficient content (less word count in some of the articles), and I missed Alt-Text for images in the articles.
  • Don’t worry, too much about the Approval. You will get approved in less time until you violate its terms

Hope you have Great Earnings ahead.

Happy Blogging!

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