How to spy on messages on WhatsApp? Here’s the trick for iPhone and Android

(Last Updated On: July 7, 2018)

Through the technique of MAC spoofing is possible to “steal” conversations, photos, and video from another contact WhatsApp. We discover the steps and how to defend against.

How to spy on messages on WhatsApp? On the net, you will find dozens of “tricks” on WhatsApp. The last one, that is circulating these days, answers a question that many would like to know: how to spy on messages on WhatsApp?

Find out how to do in a few simple steps, on both iPhone and Android smartphones. Knowing this technique to spy on cell phone conversations will not only jealous boyfriends or friends, “curious”, but also defend against any digital spies who want to recover our private information.

Spying on WhatsApp: the technique of MAC spoofing

In order to spy on a conversation about WhatsApp examine in detail the method of the so-called MAC spoofing. The steps may seem complicated, but in reality, it is just unusual names for the less experienced that hide a fairly simple procedure.

Before examining them, we try to understand what is meant by MAC spoofing? The MAC address is the Media Access Control (called MAC address), not more than a composition of numbers and letters assigned to each modem to connect to the Internet, both wi-fi and Ethernet. Spoofing, however, is a form of the verb “spoof”, translated in English as “deception”. Here, then explained the meaning of this technique, which consists in deceiving the modem to believe that both the WhatsApp to connect the person we want to spy on, so you can display its content (messages, photos, and video) directly on our mobile phone.

Spying messages on WhatsApp: 6 Steps

Let us now see in detail how to apply the technique of MAC spoofing. The tools that we have to prepare for the “spy plane”:
1. our cell phone where we installed WhatsApp
2. The phone of the person you want to spy (it only takes 3 minutes)
3. Prepared l ‘”equipment”, proceed with the following instructions:

Appuntiare the MAC address of our mobile which is what we want to spy on. The code is presented with a form like this: 03: C7: 81: F5: 25: ac. To recover on iPhone, you need to follow the path Settings → General → info → wifi address. On Android devices, instead: Settings → about phone status → → Wi-Fi MAC address.

4. Uninstall WhatsApp from our mobile and change our MAC address with that of the person you want to spy (there is a various app to do it. On the iPhone, for example, you can use WifiSpoof for Android Busy Box).

5. Re-install WhatsApp on our device, inputting when configuring the phone number of the person you want to spy on.
Request an activation code via SMS. But be careful! The code will be sent to the number of the person you want to spy on, so we’ll have to get us back on her cell phone (remembering to delete each track).

6. Restore the original MAC address on our device

Note: If WhatsApp is used in someone’s home with a wifi or shared in any LAN network, to find the MAC address is not even necessary to access the device of the victim. To find the MAC address, refer to the instructions comprehensive computer expert Virgil Salvatore Aranzulla.

If you followed the steps correctly, everything should be smooth yarn. Spying messages on WhatsApp – remember – it’s not legal. Knowing this trick, on the other hand, is a good way to defend themselves. How? By inserting a special password on our phone. To do this on Android, there is a free app WhatsApp Lock; the only app on the iPhone is reliable LockDown Pro, unfortunately, for a fee, but effective one hundred percent.

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