Advantages of getting websites hosted from Hostkarle

(Last Updated On: October 6, 2017)

Why should I buy hosting from Hostkarle and what will be

the advantages of getting our websites

hosted from Hostkarle?

  1. Going for hostkarle will boost your website’s speed.

  2. Hostkarle’s hosting will enhance your website’s performance and it will never let your website go down.

  3. Since Hostkarle offers world-class hosting at a very cheap rate thus, it will definitely save your valuable money.

  4. As Hostkarle provides the world-class hosting which boosts your website’s speed then definitely it will increase your daily traffic.

  5. Most of the hosting servers get hacked easily, but Hostkarle servers are completely secured. It’s totally safe to host your website from Hostkarle.

  6. In order to get an SSL certificate then, maximum servers are asking a big amount but it’s not like that with Hostkarle. You need not pay anything to get your website SSL certified.

  7. Since Hostkarle will boost your website in terms of daily traffic then it will definitely boost up your AdSense by 10 times.

  8. Ip address that you will receive after buying a suitable hosting plan from Hostkarle will be a whitelisted address.

  9. You will get an ahrefs premium account trail if you opt for Hostkarle’s hosting.

  10. Your website’s world ranking will be among top websites as Hostkarle will boost its performance.

  11. Hostkarle will provide you daily backup, thus in case you lost your data you can contact Hostkarle and can make your website work perfectly again.

  12. Since you are getting so many benefits from Hostkarle thus, you will never face any problem.

  13. Once you get the Hostkarle’s hosting then your Life in blogging will experience a drastic positive change.

Whereas If you get your website hosted from other hosting providers then you

will be facing these below-mentioned problems.

  1. Maximum hosting providers don’t provide a good load time to their clients.

  2. Your website’s traffic will be adversely affected and its performance will definitely decrease.

  3. Other hosting companies will just extract the money from you, and won’t provide you sufficient satisfaction.

  4. Since buying hosting from other companies will decrease your websites load time, then no doubt it will decrease daily traffic too.

  5. As I have mentioned above that, in order to get SSL certificate, you have to pay extra amount.

  6. Due to a greedy mindset, most of the hosting providers doesn’t make their servers secured and they get hacked easily.

  7. Since your traffic will decrease, no doubt that you will be in the loss as your AdSense earning will be affected adversely.

  8. You won’t be able to rank your website among the tops website’s list.

  9. You won’t be getting whitelisted Ip address as it will be a blacklisted address.

  10. Most important demerit it that you will not get any SEO tool.

  11. Other hosting providers won’t give you the daily backup of your site and if they will provide you then it will not suit your pocket.

  12. Another major disadvantage of buying hosting from other is that you will be facing dozens of problems while communicating with them.

  13. Your decision of getting a hosting from other hosting providers rather than hostkarle will ruin your life and blogging career.

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