Advantages of taking hosting from Hostkarle

(Last Updated On: October 5, 2017)

Advantages of taking hosting from Hostkarle –

1. Hostkarle increases speed of your website.
2. Hostkarle services would not let your server down.
3. Hostkarle will save your money.
4. If you take hosting from Hostkarle it will help you to increase your site traffic.
5. Hostkarle will provide you SSL Certificate for free.
6. Hostkarle increases your AdSense earning up to 10x.
7. Hostkarle ensures the security of your site.
8. Hostkarle improves your site’s Google ranking. It will rank faster.
9. Hostkarle provides Whitelisted IP instead of giving Blacklisted IP.
10. Hostkarle provides free ahrefs trials.
11. Hostkarle has excellent customer services.
12. You can make the free daily backup of your website on Hostkarle, you can restore backup anytime.
13. Hostkarle services will make your life easy.

Disadvantage of taking hosting from other sites –

1. Other Hosting sites gives you bad server.
2. Other Hosting sites are very expensive.
3. Other Hosting sites will give you low traffic, It will highly affect your site.
4. Other Hosting sites won’t provide you strong security service.
5. At other Hosting sites you have to pay extra money for SSL certificate.
6. It will affect your AdSense earning and will be in loss.
7. Your site will not rank soon if you use SEO.
8. They will give you Blacklisted IP instead of Whitelisted IP.
9. They won’t give you free ahrefs trials.
10. They provide bad customer services.
11. You have to pay extra for Backup service.
12. It will make your life hell.



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