How to Get Free .OOO Domain Name For 1 Year

(Last Updated On: June 30, 2018)

How to Get Free.OOO Domain Name For 1 Year


How to Get Free .OOO Domain Name Do you know that many website domain registrars provide some domain free of cost for 1 year so today we discuss on .ooo domain name

.com, .net and .org domain name is top level domain name if you want to rank your website in the whole world so you must have the top level domain name

How to Get Free .OOO Domain Name For 1 Year, How to Get Free .OOO Domain Name For 1 Year


Follow below step to get .ooo domain name for 1 year free

1. Go to

2. Enter the domain name you want and hit the search button

3. Select your domain name and click on checkout


4. Enter coupon code GETOOO to get the free domain for 1 year


Now register your account and click on checkout you will get free.OOO domain for the 1st year free

but please don’t forget to verify your domain otherwise your domain will be suspended with 15days and also use the correct email address


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