How to Rank Any Website Page On Google 1st Page in Just 2 minutes

(Last Updated On: June 30, 2018)

how to rank website on google first page, How to Rank Any Website Page On Google 1st Page in Just 2 minutes

How to rank the website on google first page


1. What is SEO

so many articles available in google 1st page they are showing that you can easily rank your website on google first page

but do you know how to rank any website article on google 1st page the answer will be no never because many bloggers try to do good SEO for their website but they never rank their website in google first page in the short time

but today I will show you that you can easily rank your website page on google 1st page in just 2 minutes you won’t believe me I know, so let’s start the Game of SEO 


2.How to Write Good Quality Content 


First, you have to write the good quality article on any targeted keyword then you have to do on page SEO so now you thought that what is on page SEO? right so first we learn On-Page SEO

On page means you have one article page and your targeted keywords on it but what is the targeted keywords?? so first we have to learn how to find best keywords for doing SEO or article writing

You must have some SEO tools like Ahrefs, MOZ, keyword everywhere


3. What is ON Page SEO?

Let’s begun,

imagine that you have a blog that based on something and what is people mind think and search on google so you must have to find your targeted keyword for SEO

Now imagine that You have found one keyword ”  How to Rank Any Website On Google 1st Page in Just 2 Minute

Write something interesting about  “How to Rank Any Website On Google 1st Page in Just 2 Minute” before never written by anyone

Targeted keywords and article is ready but you must have to put your targeted keywords on your page ( article ) where you want but remember do not spam only use keyword when you want do not try to enter keyword multiple times in your page article

On-Page SEO has been done but Off-Page SEO is left so we have to do Off-Page SEO before we submit our website URL to google index

4. What is OFF Page SEO?

off page SEO means link building it means you have to create lot’s of backlinks for your website lot’s of means limited good quality links that have good DA and PA but you have one question that what is DA and PA?

DA means Domain Authority

PA means Page Authority





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