, How To Get Free Domain Name And Hosting In India

How To Get Free Domain Name And Hosting In India

(Last Updated On: May 23, 2020)

Free Domain Name And Hosting – If you would look for getting anything for free of cost, then there are fewer chances that you would get that service. And, in case of web hostings and domain names in India, every other company will charge for it.

Right? now some of you’re thinking that we can get free hosting services from many so-called free web hosting providers. But, no! we’re here enlightening about free trials and services.

Especially, there are only a number of companies which gives free trials for their web hosting services. However, some of us actually don’t know how best their services are.

since I know those companies which can give free web hosting trial and a free domain name too.

Are you ready to know? let’s jump…

How To Get Free Domain Name?

If you’re wondering that you will get free premium domains like .com, .org, then you’re wrong. In this guide, we will share that website which can give domain names of .tk, .ml, .cf extensions. Read the below steps to find out :

1. Visit freenom.com website

2. Go through the options tab & click ‘Sign In

3. Sign in through Gmail or Facebook

4. Verify the e-mail address via entering the code

5. Now click this link and search your domain name

6.Select any extension & click the ‘get it now‘ button

7. Go through the ‘checkout‘ button, select the 12 month period & click the ‘continue‘ button

8. Enter your details, check the ‘terms & conditions‘ & click the ‘complete order‘ button

9. Done! you’ve successfully purchased your free domain name

How To Get Free Web Hosting Plan?

Get ready to get free web hosting service trial for almost 1 month. As we mentioned above that we’re not going to discuss those so-called free web hosting providers instead we will share the way to get free premium web hosting trial for 30 days. So, to know about it, follow the below steps :

1. First of all, open https://www.hostkarle.in

2. Register with a new account.

3. And, now visit this link

2. Under the starter plan, click the ‘start free trial‘ button

3. Enter the domain which we purchased recently and proceed

4. Verify your details and click on ‘continue

5. Finally, purchase your 1-month free web hosting trial at Hostkarle.

How To Configure Domain With Hosting?

Purchased free domain and hosting? ok, now it’s time to configure your domain with hosting. And, to do it, go through the below steps :

1. Login to your freenom account and hostkarle account

2. Now, open the below link

3. Click on ‘manage domain

4. Now click on ‘management tools‘ and select ‘nameservers‘ option

5. Choose custom nameservers and enter the below nameservers in both 1 and 2 :


6. Click the ‘change nameservers‘ option

7. Done! your domain will get activated with the hosting within 24 hrs.


So, it was a short but sweet tutorial about how anyone can get a free domain name and cheap web hosting to start their blogging career. Well, it was just a free trial, if you loved the web hosting services and you can also purchase the premium web hosting packages at affordable pricing.

So, once check out our free hosting trial and leave a comment below about your experience with the web hosting and domain name.


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