How To Migrate Your WordPress Website Manually to Hostkarle

(Last Updated On: January 11, 2019)

We always are in search of such web hosting that have good performance, better loading times, affordable prices and all other aspects.

But, sometimes in many conditions our hosting doesn’t fulfills our requirements and we don’t get the quality of service that we actually wants from it.

And, at that time a person decides to change the web hosting from one to another. Isn’t it? but migrating a website from one web server to another server is always a headache for us.

Many of us, starts paying to others for the migration of our web host. But, do you really want to pay for it? this is what i am gonna show you in this article.

Here, in this post you will get to know the simple and easiest method to transfer your web hosting from one to another. And in this method it doesn’t require any deeper technical knowledege. You just need to follow the below steps carefully and need to invest some time.

So, are you stucked in the website migration process? then just stay with this article to know the step by step complete guide of website migration.

Ready? Let’s Go…

What Are The Requirements For This Migration Process?

1) Old Web Host & New Web Host cPanel

2) Files & Databases

3) Active Domain

4) Time & Patience

How To Migrate Website From One Web Hosting To Another?

We know that migrating a website from one server to other is not that much easy as we think. We all need to understand the procedure first and then an action for it. But, before going towards the article let me show you the two ways or methods by which you’re able to migrate your website to another hosting company.

1) Automatic Migration

Many of you have got that what “Automatic Migration” is. So, normally it is a process in which the web hosting provider do the transfer for you. Their support team contacts you and done their all technical work related to migration.

But, not all hosting providers have such great service of auto migration. Only a few have and others have some charges for the work. Hence, here in this article we will use the second method, so that anybody can change their website’s server in too easy steps.

2) Manual Migration

This migration process is done manually, which means a website owner have to transfer his/her site to other hosting company. For doing this, the owner of the website have to go through backend process and a lot of technical work is required for it.

But, the best part behind this method is that you don’t need to pay any kind of charges to anybody and in future, you could easily migrate your website without any technical support team.

Isn’t it great? so, let’s know the each and every step behind this manual migration. So, that anyone can successfully migrate his/her website.

Steps For Website Migration:

1) Purchase New Host

The first and the important step behind this migration is that, you have to purchase a new web hosting whether it is shared, vps or dedicated depending upon your website’s traffic. And, for doing this you can go with Hostkarle’s web hosting service which comes with affordable pricing and better perfomance.

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2) Backup Files

The second steps is to take a backup of your files from old hosting cpanel. And, for this you should follow the below steps:

1. Login to your old cPanel

2. Go to File Manager

3. Search for public_html

4. Right Click & Click on Compress

5. Choose Zip Archive as compression type & Click on Compress Files

6. Wait for few minutes & refresh the page after compression

7. Now download the file & wait for it.

8. Done! You successfully took the backup of your files.

3) Backup MySQL Database

Now this is the third step in this migration process and here, you have to take a backup of your database. So Follow the below steps:

1. Open cPanel of your old web hosting

2. Go to Backup Wizard

3. Click on Back Up button

4. Select MySQL Databases

5. Click your database file & it will start downloading

6. Done! You successfully took backup of MySQL Database

4) Restore Database

Now its time to restoring your mysql database in new host cPanel. So, follow the below steps:

1. Go to Backup Wizard

2. Click on Restore button & Choose MySQL Databases

3. Select your file & Upload it

4. Done! Database has been uploaded

5) Add Domain

1. Search for “Addon Domains” in cPanel or Go to the domains section

2. Enter your Domain Name & Document Root (Location of your domain)

3. And, finally click on Add Domain button

4. Done! Your domain has been successfully added

6) Transfer/Upload Files

1. Go to File manager

2. Create any random folder & Click on Upload option

3. Choose your file and upload it

4. After the upload, extract the zip file in that folder

5. Now move those extracted files in public_html or www

6. Done! You successfully uploaded your all files in the new host cPanel

7) Change Nameservers/DNS

1. Go to your domain registrar & Login there

2. Select Nameservers options

3. Enter the nameservers of your new web hosting & Save it

4. Now it will take upto 2-3 hrs. for the update of nameservers.

8) Add User To Database

1. Open MySQL Databases

2. Go to MySQL Users section

3. Enter the username (It will be the wordpress username)

4. Now enter your password & confirm your password


5. And, Click on Create User button

6. Now click on Back button

7. Go to Add User To Database section

8. Select your User & Database

9. And, Click on Add Button

10. Select All Privileges & Save it

9) Edit wp_config File (For WordPress)

1. Go to file manager

2. Open public_html & Edit the wp_config.php file

3. Find the following line:

define('DB_NAME', 'db_name');

Here, the db_name refers to the name of that database which we restored earlier. So, just copy the name of that database and paste it in the place of db_name (between inverted commas)

4. Now again locate the another line:

define('DB_USER', 'db_user');

Here, the db_user refers to the username of that user that we added recently. Simply, paste the name of that user at db_user

5. Edit the last line:

define('DB_PASSWORD', 'db_pass');

This db_pass refers to the password that we used while creating an user for database. Make sure you enter the same password in dp_pass which entered while adding the user..

6. Finally, Save the wp_config.php file & Close it.

10) Check URL & WHOIS

Finally, your website has been successfully migrated from one server to another by following these nine steps. So, now just open your website’s url in any web browser and check whether it’s working perfectly or not. (It will 😉 )

For further confirmation, Go to whois website & enter your website’s url. Now you can clearly check that your website’s nameservers has been changed, according to your new web hosting.


So, it was the detailed article about migrating a website from one server to another. We covered each and every step of migrating a wordpress website or any other web site from one to another. Hope you liked this article, if yes then please share it with everyone who are stucked with the website migration procedure and let them help. Finally, goodbye…

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