How to unblock ip address from cpanel

(Last Updated On: February 7, 2020)

Unblock Ip Address From CPanel Shared Hosting 

Sometimes when you try to log in to your website or your CPanel account

You get error Like Error 102 (net:: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED) refused to connect it means your IP address is blocked by the server

it happens because you have entered the wrong password many times so firewall block your IP address

, How to unblock ip address from cpanel


Now is the question is How to unblock my IP address from CPanel or server

Don’t Worry I will show you two way to unblock your IP address

if you are using Hostkarle Web Hosting follow below step

Step 1. Login to your Hostkarle Account Click Here

Step 2. Now Click On Unblock IP Address

Step 3. You can now see Ip address unblock option check screenshot below and click on Check for IP Block and Remove

Another way to unblock IP address  is you have to  use VPN and change your IP address I hope you understand that its very easy to unblock your IP address from Cpanel shared hosting if you have still doubt you can comment or ask me


  1. Albert David Reply

    The steps seem fairly simple. I thought it would require more work. Is this simple only in HostKarle or it’s the same in any other web hosting?

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